5th Street Garden


“Building life-giving relationships by turning an empty lot in Downtown Long Beach into a place that reflects God’s creative and unique love for us.”

Welcome to 5th Street Garden: A place for members of the community to experience meaningful relationships with their neighbors and peers. This once empty lot is now a symbol of the hopes and values of the community as they join together to restore and beautify. They have joined together to plant a variety of offerings where the fruits of its harvest are given back to the community. Join them on Sundays from 1:00-4:00 p.m.

5th Street Garden is a safe haven for the children in the community. A place where they can experience mentor-style relationships, learn about nutrition, take part in planting and caring for the garden and enjoy arts, crafts, and fun and educational activities with other children and supportive adults.

5th Street Garden hosts events to serve and care for the community around them. Join The Garden on February 2, 2013 as the Navy’s Coastal Riverine Squadron 11 blesses the neighborhood with a free breakfast. This special event will take place at The Garden, located at 1051 E. 5th Street, Long Beach, California 90802. Helping hands are always welcome! Please direct all inquiries to The Garden at communitygarden@thegardenlb.org.


Join the community for Build Day on February 3, 2013 to meet other families from the neighborhood and help with gardening. They will be transplanting existing plants and making a few new additions like beets, lettuce, and potatoes. For more information about this and future events please visit The Garden on Facebook.

5th Street Community Garden is an amazing family of unique and diverse members of the community. Whether you are new to the neighborhood or just looking to find members of the community to share your life and growth with, you are always welcome here.

The Garden is Located at 1051 E. 5th Street, Long Beach, California 90802

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Mail-icon  communitygarden@thegardenlb.org

 5th Street Garden on Facebook

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