Kris Buege: Independent Educational Consultant, Discovery Toys


As a former school teacher of grades 1-4, Kris Buege understands the importance of incorporating educational activities into the daily lives of children. She also believes that play is children’s work, and providing them with toys that give them the opportunity to learn while playing is crucial to their development.

Kris used Discovery Toys in her classrooms and now she uses them with her own three children. She became an independent educational consultant in 2010 to share these amazing, high-quality products with other teachers and families in her community.

Discovery Toys was founded in 1978 by an early childhood educator and is still going strong with products for children from birth to age 12. You won’t find these products packaged and shelved in your local toy store though. Discovery Toys are made available through direct sales programs where independent consultants provide opportunities for parents, teachers, and children to experience the many features each toy has to offer. By touching, feeling, and experimenting with Discovery Toys parents and teachers are able to find the best toys for their kids, see the remarkable quality of the products, and learn about the many layers of learning within each toy.

Layers of learning are the features and uses of each toy, developed to stimulate multiple sensors within the brain. For example, the Giant Peg Board can be used for stacking, sorting, threading, matching, and counting to engage pre-math and pre-reading skills and features two sides of play with 25 chunky pieces of different shapes and colors. Just when you think you’ve done all you can do with Discovery Toys, they show you something more.

In addition to being fun, educational, and versatile, Discovery Toys maintain the highest level of safety and quality surpassing even the nationally published governmental standards. Discovery Toys also come with a lifetime guarantee and a replacement parts program.

Discovery Toys are a great addition to any classroom, day care or living room. But they are also excellent developmental aids for home schooling, occupational therapy, and speech and language pathology. Discovery Toys are kid powered, not battery powered. In an age where toys beep, sing, speak, and spell, it’s nice to find toys that help children learn and develop without doing the work for them.

At Kris’s most recent play date, I noticed that I was trying to speak over the noise. But I was pleased to find that the “noise” was not from computerized sounds: it was the sound of kids playing: Banging, shaking, stacking, rolling, sorting, spinning, laughing, screaming. And it was inspiring to see kids so excited to explore without needing an electronic response from the push of a button.

I have purchased the Motor Works toy and the Sounds Like Learning CD for my children (18 months and 4 years) and both products keep them entertained much longer than the average toy. I love to watch them sing and dance along with the music, and attempt to put the vehicles together  and take them apart in different ways using the tools or their fingers. And the best part is that they find other uses for the tools around the house, or use the vehicles to have races and play other games. They really get their imaginations going when they play with Discovery Toys and seeing their creative spirit light up makes me a happy mom.    -Heidi

Want to learn more about how to purchase Discovery Toys? Contact Kris and schedule a play party! She’ll bring a selection of popular toys for everyone to explore. When you host a party you earn free toys, so invite all of your friends and family. The more you sell the more free toys you earn.

Would you like to earn extra income by becoming an educational consultant? As an independent educational sales consultant you can sell your products online through your own link, you can host parties, or you can find other ways to bring your products to people with children who would benefit from these amazing toys. As a consultant, you are in charge of your business so you create your own schedule to fit in with the rest of your life.

Start-up kits are on sale through February 28th for an unbelievable $99! Take advantage of this huge discount and get your business growing today.

Connect with Kris Buege today!



telephone_blue  714-539-1478

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